Hollow Metal Detention Doors

Hollow Metal Detention Doors

Sweeper Metal Fabricators Corp. uses only the best quality materials and equipment for its security hollow metal doors. Our jail and prison doors have a thickness of 2 inches (nominal), with 1/8 inch side clearance with proper bevel to operate without binding. These security hollow metal doors are also stiffened by continuous vertically formed steel sections that, upon assembly, span the full thickness of the interior space between the door faces. Sweeper Metal Fabricators also provides accessory items such as security locks and hardware, security glass, and control systems for any size City, State or Federal prison, county or city jail, police station, psychiatric unit, Courthouse, and Public Safety Centers.

When it comes to detention products including jail doors and prison doors,  Sweeper Metal is your top notch manufacturer.

Key Benefits

  • ASTM attack tested and approved.
  • ASTM sound transmission loss tested and approved.
  • HMMA tested and approved.
  • UL fire rated tested and approved.
  • Custom made to your specifications.
  • Our detention doors are some of the strongest in the industry.
  • Testing for resistance to rifle fire

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