Prison Cell Furniture

Prison Cell Furniture

Looking for prison cell furniture? You are at the right place! We manufacture and sell the highest quality prison cell furniture in the nation. We offer bunk beds, wall mounted bunks, desks and other furniture supplies. We have earned a national reputation of producing and selling the most solid, well built, longest lasting furniture for the prison industry. Give us a call today and we can answer any questions you might have. You’ll be glad you did!

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Bench & Table with Seats


Floor Mounted Double Bunk


Institutional Desk


Pedestal Table


Pistol Lockers


Privacy Shield


Security Grilles


Wall Mounted Bunk

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Our diverse prison furniture products cater to a wide range of functional needs in various settings. The Bench & Table with Seats epitomizes versatile seating arrangements, offering a practical and communal space for social interactions. The Floor Mounted Double Bunk optimizes space efficiency, making it an ideal solution for compact living or shared quarters. The Institutional Desk is designed for educational environments, promoting a conducive space for learning and productivity. The Pedestal Table stands as a symbol of sturdy craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. The Pistol Lockers provide a secure storage solution for firearms, ensuring safety and controlled access. The Privacy Shield offers discreet and focused work spaces, enhancing concentration and confidentiality. Security Grilles provide an additional layer of protection, serving as a physical barrier while maintaining visibility. Lastly, the Wall Mounted Bunk saves floor space by elevating sleeping quarters, making it an innovative solution for compact living arrangements. Each of our prison/jail product reflects thoughtful design, addressing specific needs across diverse environments