Modular Steel Cells

Modular Steel Cells

Smart Cell Technology

All electronic equipment is pre-wired and pre-installed for reliability and ease of jobsite installation.

Time Savings

Short construction time for entire project.

Cut Building Costs

1/5 the weight of concrete which reduces building costs

Seismic Zone 4

Capable of being stacked four high

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is non-porous and non-corrosive with properly applied factory finish which practically eliminates dangerous bacteria buildup with proper cleanings.

Optional Equipment

  1. Institutional Mirror
  2. GFI Duplex Outlet
  3. Security Supply Grille
  4. Security Return Grille
  5. Sink and Toilet Combination
  6. Fluorescent Light Fixture
  7. Safety Clothes Hook w/ Shelf
  8. Flush Mounted Tamperproof Push Button
  9. Non-Slip Steel Floor
  10. Wall Mounted Stool
  11. Wall Mounted Desk
  12. Security Window w/Tool Resistant Bar
  13. Wall Mounted Bunk (2 supplied w/ proper square footage)
  14. Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Key Benefits

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